Things I’m Looking Forward To

Looking Forward ToSo I worked a new weekly schedule out for just the next four weeks through the fourth of July.  I added a third weight and toning day, added (2) two-a-days and plugged in 3 running days alternated with 4 over the four weeks.  I even added two days where I will bike.  I might just have to take my youngest son with me those days because he loves to bike.  I’m into the first week and already missed day 2 on weights but will try to make that up tonight.  so hard some days to stick to BUT I did run 3 miles this morning so I’m ok with it even if I don’t do weights tonight.  ONWARD! as Brook Kreder would say!  So I’m looking forward to sticking to this new plan to see how I do.

I am also looking forward to reading my next book once I finish with my latest Robin Sharma book which was awesome.  Rich Roll is on deck and ready for pick up as I just found out!  You know where I’ll be after work today!  I’m hoping that this book will teach me more about how to improve myself with a more healthy, plant-based diet and higher prioritized daily training. I’m always up to reading about other peoples journeys and this one seemed to call me because he’s about my age.  Who can resist a story about a journey from an out-of-shape midlifer to the elite Ultraman World Championship. No ultras or marathons in the works for me now but I do want to learn about how he did what he did.  So interesting.

My daughter has kept up with her fitness routine for two weeks now and that is amazing because she doesn’t have a great track record of finishing everything…well the things that are work anyway.  If it’s fun or is a craft she’s all in but work and fitness are more challenging for her as they were once for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing her continued progress.

I am looking forward to trying to cut out some coffee from my diet because I feel like I drink too much.  Well, I feel like I use too much dry creamer and sugar that is.  I don’t want to use artificial sweetener because of the nutrasweet and aspartame and other such sugar substitutes.  The dry creamer tastes soooo good but it gives me the heebie jeebies like it’s some form of dried formaldehyde or something.  No need to embalm me when I die if I keep using it I think to myself.  Silly but that’s the wierd shit that people think sometimes.  So i may force myself to drink either iced coffee or black coffee which makes me cringe.  Who likes that stuff anyway.  blech!

I am also looking forward to buying my next pair of Saucony’s.  The Grid Excursions are next on my list.  I tried them on and loved them!  Now I don’t know if I loved them because I dislike the Reebok’s I’m currently wearing OR because I miss the brand so much or because I miss the push they used to give me with every stride.  Probably all of this.  I’m looking for a good deal online and cannot wait to lace a pair up asap.

That’s all for today.  That’s a good list of “Looking Forward To’s” don’t you think?  🙂



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