Veganism…Could I, Would I, Sam I am.

veganism blogSo I’ve been good about attempting to keep weights in my routine at least one day but I try for two.  This week I did the punching bag on Monday and now my knuckles look like Rocky’s. I would like to do weights tonight which would give me two days of “other” workouts besides running and I would be happy.  I’ve finished my Family Wisdom book by Robin Sharma and have in fact started Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra.  I am enjoying reading this book and it’s peaked my interest about veganism or what Rich calls the Plant based diet since Veganism can bring a negative connotation to it.  What would happen to my performance if I modified, even a little, my diet in that direction?  Now, I haven’t run a race all year and none scheduled for the fall…YET.   Regardless of this fact I am curious to do some testing with my diet and see how I’m feeling and how my times are affected.  Veganism is an interesting concept to me because when I was depressed and all I ate was salad, water and coffee, my legs started to become tight like a real athlete, my butt was apparently cuter and I had what I think I remember to be more stamina running.  Now that I’ve gained 13 of my 50 lbs back (some in muscle) I feel like it’s more work to run if that makes sense.  I don’t feel free like  I did back then when I ran.  I feel like I’m counting minutes and back then it was a feeling of being free running, well sort of anyway.  So I’m going to look into experimenting with diet to see where I can make changes and try it out to see how it goes.  I’ll be sure to let you know.



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