Still Listening….

Still listening blogListening to @richroll interview with Josh Lajaunie who is not only a vegan but lost a tremendous amount of weight and is an amazing athlete with a super southern drawl that makes one smile.  Rich’s book Finding Ultra is captivating and the more I read about this lifestyle and how people feel after making the change, the more I am interested.  Made a list of more reading material to start to really study the lifestyle and put my plan for beginning changes starting with this week’s food shop.  Funny thing is that I already do some of these things so it doesn’t seem to far of a stretch to me at the moment.  We’ll see how I feel after a week of slim to no meat/ eggs etc.  I will buy almond milk  and some other foods that will substitute for other foods I”m used to.  Stay tuned.  I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel when I run as I make the food changes.


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