I’m Already Halfway There

So today is day 3 of my “official” vegan trial.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I have already made changes in my eating and the way I think about food that have enabled this to be a somewhat simple transition.  I eat almost no white bread and very little wheat bread.  I love salad and veggies and would eat them all the time.  I love peanut butter and nuts and beans and my dairy intake is minimal.  I learned a while ago to separate my brain from its addiction to food and to begin thinking about food as fuel.  That was a big one especially for the person who used to get up thinking about what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What can I eat next instead of what should I eat and when.  Anyway it is pretty much second nature now and having broccoli for breakfast is nothing I would bat an eyelash at.  It’s fuel and the fact that it’s broccoli doesn’t bother me any longer.  The enjoyment isn’t in WHAT I’m eating at a specific time so much as it is in the WHAT I’m eating period.

not in the guitar blog

Now that I am testing a dairy / meat free diet, the only thing I find I have to remember not to do is are things like eating broken cheese pieces when making burgers, licking the whipped cream off my fingers when I make ice cream sundaes for the family etc.  I haven’t had any “meat cravings” with one slight longing for a hot dog while I was cooking on the grill yesterday.  Wierd because I don’t usually eat hot dogs even when I was eating meat.  So far so good.  I made homemade sorbet to eat while the family had ice cream sundaes and I didn’t do any taste testing so that is good.  Just wondering when I might feel better running but today it’s so humid that even if I was further into my dietary changes, I don’t think I would have felt great this morning.  After all it IS summertime.  So onward I go.



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