My Feet Hurt!

plantarMy feet are killing me!  Plantar Fasciitis go away!  I now have one downside to road running and that is the nasty Plantar Fasciitis that has settled into not only my left foot…but has started irritating my right foot too.  Running on the DM didn’t bother it so this last winter was just  fine.  Now that I’m back doing my thang, the achy feeling radiates all the way up to my hip nightly.  I am not a happy camper but in true Ukranian style, I am not planning on quitting running.  I’m pig headed so I will be stretching and massaging my heels & feet and just sucking it up because running is in my blood now.  I have been a runner now for 1,462 days…yes I know exactly how long it’s been.  Running saved my life quite literally so I know exactly how many thankful days I’ve had.  It gives me reason to keep running every time I lace my shoes up.  Every time I head out I think of those selfish assholes that put me in a place that nearly took me and it isn’t hard to press on.  So no, I won’t be giving up quite so easily.  ONWARD! as Brook Kreder would say.  You can’t kill a Ukranian, not even with Plantar Fasciitis.



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