Brook Kreder is brilliant

brook kreder is brilliant blogI am one of those people who has to remember to tame my to do list and prioritize things appropriately.  I tend to make mountains out of molehills sometimes and give some things more rank on the importance scale than I probably should.  This week I’ve had a ton of stuff going on that have seemingly stock piled to this gigantic mountain of what feels like a stress bath.  So many things to handle that seem overwhelming.  Running helps but only for a while.  Things seem to blow up at the same time and seemingly are all my fault.  Just when it feels like it’s getting hard to hold my head up and breathe, I open my email.  I’m an email member of Brook Kreder’s email blasts.  Normally I just delete everything that is old because Gmail isn’t something I open every day.  Well for whatever reason I opened this one email and there it was…the thing I needed to read to set my mind straight:

Sometimes we think we need to clean everything up at once. That we need to have all of the answers. 

That our only option is to burn the house down without trying to salvage some of what’s still good on the inside. 

My encouragement to you today is to choose one thing to declare war on first. 

BOOM!  And it all became clear that I can’t handle everything at the same time.  Nothing is so horrible that it can’t be managed and they all have their order of importance which is how it should be handled.  BREATHE.  One thing at a time.  Life is still good.  I’m still good.  The sun is out,I already put in my run for the day and I will be spending my day out in the garden doing what I love and hanging with my son.  Happiness is…



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