The Right Tools

I have been running in pair of shoes that aren’t my favorite.  Now, they are OK because I’ve used this brand before.  I was in a pinch when I bought them because my old shoes had reached their end of running life and my legs were killing me after each run.  So I committed the ultimate sin in a runners world…I settled for a lesser brand.  UUUGGGHHH there I said it.

These shoes were like running with two planks strapped to the bottom of my feet.  Flat, stiff and not very supportive during my runs.  They were just meant to fill the need for a short time.  I only used them for a few months before I broke down and bought my latest pair.  My son works at a shoe store and getting a discount on already expensive gear was the honest to goodness real reason I spent the money.  I should have done it before now because it’s been awful since I defected brands.  My legs are heavy and very tired, my feet hurt and I just don’t want to be out there as much.  I chalked it up to summer and having put on a few pounds and was ready to just call it the way it would be from now on.

THE RIGHT TOOLSNEVER AGAIN!  I am back in Saucony and sooooo very happy that I am.  My entire body missed them.  My feet feel like they are getting a big hug with every step, my legs don’t feel like anchors and I am happy to be out there doing what I love not spending more time counting the moments until I can stop.  Big big difference and a hasty decision that I will not make again.  So now my feet are happy and ready to take on training for my Nov 1 half.  Now all we need to do is buckle down, suck it up and get strength training done.  That is a story for another day however.



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