Growth, Life & Lessons

prettyI believe that things happen for a reason and nothing thing happens by accident.  I also believe that you have to look for signs in life that help you find your way.  I believe that in life it is our job to put two and two together which will help us make sense of things that might otherwise be senseless.  I’ve been searching for many things over the last few years and it seems like such a long time, a long lesson, a long humbling.  I have found many things along the way.  Things like a passion for running, forgiveness and acceptance, moments that were previously invisible, lessons of life and love and realizations that guide every day’s journey.  There comes a time along every journey where there is a transition that marks the end of one journey and the start of another.  The marking of the end of specific lessons that needed learning and growth in the heart and mind and soul.  Each journey isn’t final for we take it with us every day.  If we have learned well, then we are a different person who sees each day differently and uses those lessons learned to live happier and better and fuller as we embark on the next journey with excitement and joy.  We must never forget but we must move on.  I have had the pleasure of living one journey that is ending and beginning a new one that I am looking forward to with joy, anticipation, butterflies and excitement all rolled into one.  I have let go of many things and reached out to allow people in again.  People that I trust who I feel really care about me.  They will never know how important they are to me but I know I need them and they are beautiful in my life like these wonderful purple flowers.  I cannot survive alone which is exactly where I have been for a very long time.  It’s nice to breathe fresh air and be moving forward.  LIFE IS GOOD!



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