The Only Person Who Will Get It Done for Me is ME!

I am now actively looking for a running group for my long runs.  I don’t need the weekday support since those are not bad and in fact I like the me time to reflect on where I’m at for the day / week, whatever.  I still have a full on my mind perhaps for next year and pretty much know i do not want to train for a full alone.  It isn’t that I feel like I have to have support as much as I really want support around me as I ready myself for such an undertaking.  I told someone this week if I ever did it that getting it doneI’d want to set up 26 friends, one for every mile, to greet me and motivate me on to the next mile.  Now I’m not that much of a wimp but I just think that would be so awesome to have a friend to look forward to at every mile marker and then go out to celebrate as a group after the race.  In fact I may just do that because it sounds so awesome to me!  Anyway, I am pretty sure I’m going to get me a group.  I found one I like that isn’t really that far away and I’ve reached out to them to find out if I can “try them out” before joining.
I do know that whenever I’m running and I see another runner, a walker, a dog walker whomever, I feel all this energy and I talk to them and feel great.  I wish I had a running partner.
There are only a few people that I would want to run with but life is busy and although they run, they like me, run alone or with those that fit into their schedules.  That’s ok.  Someday I’ll run into a person or group that will become “my homies” for running.  For now I’ll go join another group and see where it takes me.  I know that being a part of a group will make training for something as massive as 26.2 miles a little easier.  I’m kind of excited about the prospect of finding myself a group because for whatever reason it changes my perspective about accomplishing a full marathon.  The only question now would be…..WHICH ONE?   I have no desire to run Boston or Chicago or NY.  I want something a bit more quaint with less fanfare and truly ….something that I could actually drive to without taking a plane, bus, car, cab and other methods of transportation and without having to stay overnight at a hotel if possible.  Isn’t it fun to dream?!  I’m at the “I can totally do this man!” stage so I will spend the next few months setting up the plan and 2016 better watch out!  Stay tuned because exciting things are coming and in the words of someone I hold great respect, admiration and gratitude for “Expect Great Things” and in my own words “There Are No Excuses!”



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