My Badge of Honor

I ran the Black Goose Half Marathon on Sunday November 1st.  Now as you know, if you have read my previous posts, this is not my first half.  It isn’t my second or third or fourth either.  This was my fifth.  This one felt like a badge of honor however.  It felt like it was all uphill and one giant struggle.  It started off ok and I stayed with the 2:00 pace person well enough but by mile 5, I wondered if I was going to finish in a respectable time for me.  My legs were killing me.  I don’t know if my runners were worn out or if I was just carrying too much body weight or maybe I’m just bloated.  All I know is that the big hill at 5 was nothing compared to mile 11 which everyone was talking about at the finish.  Other than Lynchburg, this was the toughest race I’ve done.  Now it was 13.29 miles which I feel was entirely unfair (LOL) and I did that in 2:04 and change which probably worked out to 2:01 for the 13.1 portion of that.  That time is the same time I finished my very first half and given how hard it seemed, I’ll take that as a win!  So it’s all good and I’m already thinking about what next year will bring for me.  I’ve gone as far as verbally mentioning wanting to run a full to my mentor in my running group so at least someone is aware of what I am thinking about.  I can’t hide if someone else knows right?  Sandy is super person and in my opinion one of the greatest runners ever.  Maybe not because of fame or running a zillion miles or anything more than having run a few marathons and being full of kindness and support.  I haven’t known her long but when I finally get off the pot and sign up for a full, Sandy will be the person I engage to get me there.  She just ran the Dublin marathon with some of the other members of our group which I think is amazing.  So 2015 activities are officially over as far as racing.  I did just run ONE this year but it’s at the end just the same.  😀  On to 2016 where my plan right now might find me running 2 halfs by my birthday and then who knows what the fall will hold.  Only time will tell how brave I get.

black goose half



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