Making peace with pace

setting my paceYesterday I went for one of my post season runs.  I have run almost as much this week since my “season” ended than I did during a training week.  I find that so funny but running is necessary in my world for many reasons.  I have tossed the idea of doing a full marathon now for about a year with some seriousness just shy of signing up.  Yesterday I realized that part of my hesitation is a self imposed goal.  Now goals are great but this one feels like it is misplaced.  It is most likely a doable goal but one that is from the future.  I have set my head around a 4 hour marathon time.  First off I am not that fast even when I was running sub 9 minute miles regularly.  Having dropped to on average 9:15-9:23 puts that just about off my radar.  As I ran yesterday I kept my pace at a breathable level.  Somewhere around 9:23 lets me breathe and really to enjoy the run.  So many days I am rushing my pace and pushing myself to hit that 9:00 mm mark.  That was good for race training but for longer distances I think I want to slow it down so I can enjoy it.  I planned 3 miles yesterday but as I ran at my slower pace I let the road lead me through 4.76 miles that were much easier and quite enjoyable.  That’s where I like to be and how I like to run.  That is the place that will lead me through my first 26.2 and make it an incredible journey.  That is what I need to embrace to get there so that is what I shall do.  I can’t really convey here how awesome my run was but if you are reading this and you know running, you also know that there are a lot of factors that make up any one given run.  To say that a run was awesome you know that sometimes it’s the weather.  Sometimes it’s new gear and sometimes it’s just accepting something that you have been fighting for a while.  Once I stopped pushing and started enjoying, 4.76 was easy and left me wanting to try 7 or 10 with the same mindset.  If I can do 10 and feel like I can do more rather than begging for the end of my run, then I will step into a brand new realm of running that may take me to places that only those I have admired in the past have been.  Feeling sad that today is an off day but knowing it needs to be, I am looking forward to what tomorrow morning may find me accomplishing.  So my first marathon may not be a sub 4 but who cares but me?  Not one person that’s who so let’s see what I can do shall we?



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