Random Thoughts · Rest


rest daysSo, I’m not a fan of rest days.  They just seem, well lazy to be quite frank.  One reason I like finally adding cross training into my workout routine is that it allows me to rest in the running department while still working out and working other areas that are in desperate need of attention.  It seems less like I’m having a rest day.  Today is day 4 without a run.  Not really ok in my over achievement world but in reality my legs probably are ok with it.  Honestly i don’t overwork them because I run 4-5 days which isn’t crazy i don’t think.  The running group I belong to but don’t attend is crazier in miles and since they are running some miles in 2 degrees they are crazy overall.  Probably one of the reasons I have drifted from my new and barely utilized group.  They are definitely above my abilities and intentions.  I would not run in this cold crazy weather.  I guess I don’t care that much.  Sad but true and irrelevant.  So this last week was a success in learning how to be ok with total rest days and to consider them  part of the routine.  It’s all good!




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