Random Thoughts

That Moment


One day there will be that moment that you imagined, dreamed of, hoped for.  It will arrive and all of a sudden you will be standing there IN that moment contemplating all that you did and sacrificed and dedicated to making that moment happen.  You will admire what it took to make it happen and smile because you did it.  It will take you by surprise even though it seemingly took forever to get here and you thought it never would.  You will reflect on what that moment means to you because it was and is incredibly important for your own set of reasons that you need not share with the rest of the world.  It is your moment to enjoy.  Do not rush through it.  Do not rush to it.  Do not rush away from it.  Live in it and close your eyes letting it sink in all that encompasses that moment.  Let that moment be the inspiration for your next and the next after that, taking you across your life moment by moment as if you were still a kid travelling on the monkey bars from one end to the next.  Take that moment in.  Close your eyes and let yourself be awesome, unfettered and the sole recipient of all the goodness in the universe at that moment.  Whatever your moment is, live it and let it fill you up to the top and carry you to the beginning when you dared to take a brave step into the world taking on something new with determination, consistency and dedication and said “Yes I Can” …and you did.



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