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the runThis week I was the luckiest little runner.  I got to run with not one….but two friends this week!  Now this might not be a big deal to some of you but to this lone runner it was like winning the lottery for someone who usually runs solo.    This week held a couple of tough runs for me because I wasn’t feeling great.  This normally would make my mental struggle worse but not this week.  My running pals have slower paces than me and lately this has been a good thing.  this week was no different.  It allowed me to slow down intentionally to not only not throw the towel in but also practice slower pacing.  I am worried that lately I’m practicing too much slow pacing but I’m still figuring out my plan & my friends are part of the big picture.  They also understand when I consistently blah blah about running ALL THE DAMN TIME!  Love my running friends!  Happiness is running!



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