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Fluffy Feet

fluffy feetToday was the first warm day in a while.  Beyond that it is the beginning of the warm weather.  I know this not because my thermometer told me so, but because I had Fluffy Feet!   Yep I wore the smallest thinnest socks I could find and I swear to god my shoes had shrunk at least a size and a half as I ran along side my son who was on his bike riding beside me pacing me to the slower pace I have adopted.  This fluffy footed syndrome is not unique to me and reminds me that after work runs will be later and later or super early in the am to avoid the heat.  Today I did not mind because James was tagging along and I was enjoying the warmth over the chilly rainy air that has been hanging around like the neighborhood annoying kid who just can’t take a hint.  So I managed to put in my standard non training daily 3 miles but was even happier when it was complete and more so when I unlaced and removed my shoes right there in the driveway!  My fluffy feet just could not wait to be relieved of duty and their respective uniform.  So here’s to warm weather AND fluffy feet.  Bring on Summer!



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