Random Thoughts

Well that was a good idea…

run and be happyI was not going to run tonight.  I had to run errands after work then there’s this thing call dinner and by then I’m not motivated.  I’m on a running streak of sorts.  Five days in a row WOO HOO it’s a record for me at least at this time.  So I figured that a day off would be just fine, alas it was not to be.  All I had to hear was that my husband was going for a run and evil jealousy kicked in.  If he is going to make me wrap the dinner I just spent time cooking so he can go for a run well then I am going to scrap my dinner and do the same because I will feel spectacular if I get an unexpected run in!  So I fed my family and donned my running clothes and away I went.  Now I feel super proud of me knowing that tomorrow night might rain and if I in fact don’t get a run in tomorrow then that will be A-OK!  Running is happiness!



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