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Sometimes You Have to Sarifice

giveSometimes I’ll miss a run because I am too tired to argue or feel that a rest day is best at that moment.  Other times my schedule interferes. I have learned to be ok with these days but try not to let them happen too much.  This morning I had a wonderful run.  It was sunny and a decently cool temperature.  I saw fellow runners and high 5’d them all with a big smile.  THESE are the days when I love running most.  I felt good, my legs were not heavy, I was not gasping for air and I think if I read it right, my pace was around 9:23 or so.  WOWEE that’s a great pace for me these days of going slower.  A huge boost for my day.  Last night I did not run but not because I couldn’t.  Because I saw something more important…my child.  He had a crappy day and without being THAT person, I’ll just say that Karma takes notes.  If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s those that purposely go out of their way to hurt people.  My son is good at brushing it off and making like it’s all ok and he will be, but last night it was more important for me to be in his audience than to be on the road.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice to give and lift others up.  Although it wasn’t a “pinnacle” event or graduation day itself which is coming soon or even a moment in the spotlight in front of 600 people which we just did, I felt that it was important to change my plans just to be there because sometimes just having someone near can comfort you.  So I’ll attribute my awesome run today as a reward for sacrificing last night even thought it wasn’t a hard choice.  Last night was a life moment that will stick with him and with me.  I remember those moments as a young adult and I would not do them over for anything.  I run through them now and my kicks and music comfort me so I don’ t come apart at the seams when it all goes to shit.  Running is my lifeline to happiness, joy, therapy and perspective.  It teaches me lessons and is like my good friend who is always there for me.



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