Random Thoughts

Taken Hostage by the Big 3!

everydayToday I was planning a big breakfast for the boys which I give up run time for because to me that is more important.  No lunch today and no time tonight with the last school concert for the boys.  I was prepared to give it up for the day but just as I finished lunches and the last breakfast and quicker than a blink, my three stooges (ID, Ego & Super Ego) ganged up on me and dragged me down the hall, stripped me down and whipped me into my running gear and kicked my butt out the door!  Before I knew it I had changed, kissed the fam and was blazing a trail down my neighborhood giggling almost audibly to myself  How unexpected and wonderfully spontaneous!  Clearly everyone should have these moments of capture because they are irreplaceable and invigorating.

I did confirm my need for new kicks because the backs of my legs were throbbing when I finished which is a clear indication that a new shoebox will soon be coming home with me.  I love buying new shoes!  Enjoy the day, the sun and get a run in if you can.



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