Random Thoughts

47 Years…Don’t They Go By In A Blink

feetToday I turned 47 and what did I do?  I ran because running is now part of who I am.  Running has taught me many things.

Running means positive things and refusal to lay down and give up.  It means I am still strong and healthy and happier than days that keep fading away to that place that I try not to go to.  I have learned a lot in my 47  years.  I have learned that my kids are sometimes the smartest people I know.  They are the funniest and sometimes most frustrating people in my world.  I have learned that  I am not perfect and I have been given hard lessons for bad decisions that ultimately turned into good life lessons that brought wisdom.  I have learned more about love, forgiveness, giving and second chances than I ever imagined I could.  I have learned that life is about what makes you happy not how much stuff you have.  I have learned to appreciate the little things and admire all that life has to offer.  I know joy at a deeper level than I ever did before.  I have learned that my family is not perfect but they are my family and I need to try harder to be a better member.  I have learned that fun is necessary and moments cannot be regained if you miss them.  Running is my life and I am so happy to have taken that first step with my son on Saturday June 27th 2011 in a 12:44 mile that changed my life.  I love running, I love my kids, I love my family and I love my life as perfectly imperfect as it is.  Enjoy your moments because otherwise you waste time chasing something that you may never find.



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