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My Friends Rachel and

Consistency is key in the running world as is hard work and perseverance, healthy eating , good sleep and all those things that you read about.  Sometimes however, it is about the singers and songs that you bring with you to power you through the miles whether they be 3 or 7 or 13.1, 26.2 and beyond.  Today in the last mile of 3 I did the repeat thing to two songs that helped me up my current game in the last mile.  Thanks to and the Black Eyed Peas for I got a feeling and to the one who put out the song that embodies my fight to recover my life that nearly ended in sadness….Rachel Platten’s Fight Song might not have come out in the dark days but it came out and powers me on no matter the day.  Today I hit a pace that I haven’t seen in a while because my music friends were by my side telling me to keep going and to push on faster because I could.  I love days like this when I am strong and feel powerful.  I love running and I hope that if you ever decide to become a runner by taking that first step, that you love it too.

On another happy note,  my friend Barbara and I were selected to run the Falmouth Road Race in August.  I’m excited about it.  It’s a 7 miler full of hills that mean hill training.  BRING IT ON because I eat hills!  The Bad Ass Runners (that would be Barbara and I) will come by storm and make our mark on another challenge.  I am healthy and strong and I can do anything I set my mind to…sing it Rachel



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  1. We are in for sure!! They said emails went out incorrectly and as long as we are on the website and our credit card is charged $69.98 we are good. I am so excited!!!


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