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My Nemesis

I hate the scale!  How is it possible that I rune roughly 5/7 days a week, don’t eat a lot of junk and drink a ton of waterscale_upload-x and it still isn’t my friend!  I do not want to go all radical again but it’s clear I have to do something more to get it to befriend me.  I am tired of watching this stupid gadget tell me horrible truths that I wish I could call lies …but they are not.  I know I am 47 and at an age where it is harder to get it off and I know that if I want something I have definitely learned that I have what it takes to get it done.  I will say that doing it while angry is much easier because you don’t do the right things and you don’t do things for the right reasons because you are on autopilot.  I have to find a way to do it while I’m happy and that is a challenge.  My goal is 20 lbs not 100 or 75 so it’s totally doable.  My goal this weekend is to outline the plan and probably get back to the gym for additional efforts to get there.  Just gotta do it and I will.  Till then, the scale will remain my nemesis and drive me to keep focused…sorry scale, I don’t think I’ll ever love you.



One thought on “My Nemesis

  1. Don’t let the scale rule your life. Make friends and be happy. We all always want more. Believe I hate the number, but my body seems to like the number I am at currently. I am setting small goals and staying off the scale. Only on it when I see my nutrionist and owning it. I know where I was and am learning to be happy where I am.

    You look great where you are at. 20lbs is a lot. Start with a goal of 5lbs and see how you feel. NO beating yourself up or falling backwards. WE will never be those girls again. Happy Friday my firend☺


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    Account Manager

    Church Green Insurance Agency





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