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The Things You Think You Hear

birds-singing1.jpg.w560h395It is amazing what you think you see / hear when out on a run.  When I was in VA one time and headed out for a run at dawn it was still a bit hard to see.  As I approached a curve on a road that was free of trees and had a clear view, I thought I saw a bear.  Yes a bear but that wouldn’t be surprising where my parents live since bears are commonplace there.  So my radar is on, and I fixate on the supposed bear.  It looked as though it was meandering across the road as bears tend to move.  as I rounded the curve, which went to my left the bear seemed to move across the road to my left…closer and I realize that the “bear” is actually a black mailbox  that really wasn’t moving (obviously) but just changing position as I moved around it.  LOL

So things are not always what they seem.  Today as I was running along, I can hear the birds tweeting their songs and suddenly I realize they are tweeting to the beat of my song….what??  I continue to pay attention and surely it seems as though the birds are enjoying my songs as much as I was..tweet tweet tweet.  Wait a minute… no way are they singing to the beat of the bass drum!  Come on girlfriend…get a grip!  As humorous as I feel like this is it still seems kind of plausible that perhaps I’m not imagining it.  Sadly however, when the music stopped  so did the lovely tweeting.  I’m not sure why it seemed like that was what I heard but it was nice while it lasted.  Next up:  Brittany Spears “OOPS I did it again”  and there are the synchronized tweets…..  Whatever.  It’s like having company on my lonely run and that is great in any form that I can get it….fake birds or running friends!



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