Random Thoughts

It’s Not How Far You Go

1 or 10

I care less about distance than I did 5 years ago.  I care when it matters like when I’m training because you have to put in a certain number of miles when you are in that mode.  I have come to accept that 3 miles on any given day is an accomplishment that I’m proud of and even 3 miles is sometimes hard to finish like lately in the heat.  I still get out there and do it.  I don’t suffer from many runner problems like blisters, blown knees or joint pain thankfully.   I did have Plantar Fasciitis once and did what I needed to to make it better.  I do have a swelling problem in my legs these days but 90 – 95 and very humid can tend to make a 47 yo swell I would think.  Pins and needles on occasion in my feet but not the real painful kind and not often enough to complain about it.  I run races when I want to not because I have to and I could care less about beating some time over having a good time.  I just love running even when it’s hard and hot or cold or rainy.  Running makes me feel successful and strong.  Even on the days when I kick my ass to the curb and push that button on my watch that says GO! I am always happy when I finish less because I’m happy to stop but more because I got out there and did it.  Running is the thing I do for me that makes me really proud of myself.  I have run sick, ugly, tired, wet, cold, hot, swollen.  I have run fast & slow, up and down hills and I have run in several states.  I am a runner.  I hope I always will be until I can no longer run.







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