Random Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how it starts off, it matters how you let it end.

meToday I did what I do many days, I got my family ready for their day and then headed out for my run.  I love my morning runs because they clear my head and make me feel successful even if I don’t get one thing accomplished during the day.  I used to do it because I needed to de-stress and prove to myself that I was worth something.  Now I do it because it’s part of who I am and it makes me feel good.  Running always gives me perspective about life, a task at hand, how to handle a situation or just about reaffirmation with the big man to give thanks.

Today as with many days, I headed out.  It started good and I felt like I could run well and far.  I got about a.25 mile from my house when it happened…I inhaled a mouthful of “eau-de-skunk”. Not the way I wanted my run / day to start out but whatever. I trudged on.  The road is the same as I right left my way around the blocks.  I know where the hills are and my body pushes me up them and coasts down.  I round the same corners that I always do on this route and I enjoyed the sun on my shoulders reminding me that Life is Good.  Many cannot run or walk so I am grateful for my ability to move.

I saw a few people and said good morning only to be met with a grumble or nothing at all.  How much effort does it take to say Hello.  I may not be your family but at least I am polite and try to bring a bright spot to your day.  Fine, be miserable if you want.  I already dug myself out of that and thank you I’ll pass on an extended visit.   About a mile into my 3 mile run, I ran into a friend who is older than I am who is nursing an Achilles injury. He was doing a run / walk to stay loose. I could have trotted on leaving him with a trail of stinky skunk which I’m sure was hanging on me even though I didn’t get sprayed. I chose to slow down to talk with him at what he called a speed workout and I call a trot at best. We chatted about life, upcoming races, health, summer activities etc.  It erased the grunts and skunky start and passed the time by with smiles and happy thoughts.  Although he is much slower than me and life is a little further into reminding him how human and finite he is becoming, as we all are, his company made 2/3 of my run lovely. So what started out looking like it was going to be just labelled as “done” turned out to be a good start to my day.


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