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New Experiences

Yesterday I ran The Falmouth Road Race and it was by far the best race I have ever run.  AfterSuper organized with 13,000 runners and 2,000 volunteers.  I have never seen so many people at a race.  It was a sea of people and the atmosphere was electric.  From the moment we set out for the race it was clear they knew what they were doing.  Busses taking everyone to the starting point, volunteers lining the streets to help people with anything they needed, tons of port o potties on every street surrounding the starting block and I mean tons.  There weren’t long lines because there were so many of them.  They were clean and didn’t smell which is unusual. I paid several visits to them hoping to excavate before race time which did not happen.  Racers nightmare!  It turned out fine and I didn’t have any unexpected abdominal issues which is a HUGE relief!   Everyone at a race is nice usually but there’s something about this group of runners and this race.  It was just happy.  It was also HOT.  Waiting for the start took :38 minutes for the pulse starts to finally get to us so we did some baking in the sun while we waited.   When we finally started it occurred to us that the elite runners had already finished.  No way to compete with that but then again we weren’t there to PR.  The MC had great music and was pumping everyone up at the start as he sent us all off on our merry way.  From the start as you look up the road the first thing you see is ….a big hill.  GREAT!  Not the way I want to start but ok I got this.  That was the beginning of tired legs and a pace that seemed painfully slow but everyone was seemingly running the same slow pace.  This sort of made me feel better and more like I was running on averages.  The first 3 or so miles were all hills.   The people lining the streets of ALL 7 miles were unbelievable.  They watered us with hoses, shot us with water guns, cheered and handed out oranges.  It was the most unbelievable thing I have ever witnessed in any race that I’ve run.  I guess I haven’t run great races before huh?  The number of water stations for a 7 mile race was amazing.  There was almost one per mile.  Lots of volunteers making sure we had everything we needed and telling us we could do it and offering smiles and personal cheers to help us trudge on.  There were People singing and others with boom boxes always around to pick us up as we slowed and tired.  The scenery of Falmouth was stellar.  The ocean, the sand, the blue sky and freshest air was invigorating and I’m glad I didn’t wear my earbuds because I would have missed all of the sounds that accompanied the race experience.  The last leg of the race was the biggest hill of all and it was lined with people cheering and pushing us to get to the top of what seemed like a never ending hill.  I ran the entire hill and I felt super accomplished when I reached the top and hit the decent to the finish.  THAT felt great!  The finish line was jammed with people and police and cameras.  It felt like I was a celebrity and in fact our friend who put us up for the night and did everything imaginable to make our experience just that much better, said that they called my name out as I finished.  I missed it but I’ll just imagine what it sounded like having my name called out as I crossed.  For a moment I was a celebrity!  I refuse to pay the ridiculous fee for my racing pics so this copyright tagged picture one is of my friend who ran with me, Barbara, and I with our post race smiles.  Hey, If I had gotten a medal for finishing I might have bought this picture but unfortunately there were no finisher medals.  Disappointing for sure since I wanted one but oh well.



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