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beachYesterday I did something unusual for me.  I drove 40 minutes to do a run with a friend.  Not only did i drive a significant way to get to my long run, I took my son with me so he could ocean fish and my friend Barbara and I ran on the beach.  This is unlike me to drive to a run with the exception of the few times I was able to get to run with the running group I belong to but never get to do anything with.  I don’t put that much effort into having a great run but let me tell you that I had a wonderful time!  It was awesome to be somewhere new with new sights and sounds and smells.  It was interesting to run on the beach.  After 3.5 even though we had stopped twice, I was tired and it wouldn’t have taken much to convince me to take a taxi back to my truck LOL.  I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t because it was wonderful.  I had great company, ran at a pace that allowed me to have conversation.  There were bathrooms practically all along the way which made me happy because I had to use one on the way back.  I realized how much I love the beach all along the 7 miles we did.  Barbara ran 9 but we didn’t separate until I was done then she finished hers even though she considered stopping.  I met her good friend Cherrie who I think I could be friends with.  She seems a lot like me and I was sort of sorry she didn’t join us for a run.  It would have been a nice to be a trio too.  I thought the sand running bothered my right hip but today I am not in pain or sore at all.  We ran on this red seaweed which was weird as it rolled in with the waves and there was so much of it that we had to run on it which was a little like trail running which is probably why I thought my hip was sore.  I may not go far for long run day many times but I would do that one again without hesitation.  I told my son we would hit the canal in a couple of weeks so he could ride his bike.  All in all it was a wonderful morning.  James and I hit a nice little breakfast joint after which just topped it off nicely and a Dunks iced coffee on our way home made it perfect!



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