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Making Improvements

Today I feel like I’ve made some good improvements.  STRENGTH

I started keeping track of what I’m eating with a specific goal in mind (having a real goal is big).  I’ve been pretty diligent about sticking to the amount of  food I’m allotted based on my goals.  The scale is heading in the right direction and my clothes are minutely more comfortable but what really told me things were working right were the hills I climbed in my 4 mile run today.  They weren’t “easy” but they were easi-er.  I’ve been running more on a daily basis probably because I can but also because I feel like it and I haven’t felt like it in a while.  Now if I could just get my butt to do some strength training that would be good.  I feel really motivated, in fact I have already signed up for a half marathon in April and am looking to run a 5K (I never did 5K’s until this year) at the college my son will be attending.  I’m doing that one and the half more so I have an excuse to see him.

I’ve started laying out my plan for next years races.  I’ve missed running races and running with my friend Barbara and hitting the racing scene again reminds me how much I love it.  I’m making improvements and as my house gets emptier as my kids get older and start their lives I need to have something for me so I don’t smother my husband.  Everyone needs to have their own life and their own friends because it’s just that important.  If you don’t, do it.  Take it from someone who didn’t for a long time.  You’ll need it.


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