Random Thoughts

Running Makes Me Faster

Today I ran in the rain for the first time in a long time.  It took a minute to get over the actual process of getting rainwet but once the initial feeling of dampness to soaking wet faded, it was nice.  I’m wet when I run anyway so damp isn’t problematic.  Drips in my eyes & nose are what bug me because they interfere with you know, the things that might be important especially on a dark morning, like seeing and breathing.  There’s something about rain running that seems to improve my splits.  I have been running a minimum 9:30 pace lately probably because I like breathing, have gained 20 lbs back and I am not in a rush.  20 lbs that I’m looking to shed and tighten up.  I’m not really bothered by it because they are pounds that put me back at a healthier weight.  Today I did my 3 miles at 9:41, 9:34, 9:12.  Subconsciously, I must run faster to get out of the rain sooner even though I actually like rain running.

I always wonder what the cars that drive by me when I’m running in the rain are thinking as I’m thinking why did you think rain running was ok today?  LOL.  Rain running means wet feet (my least favorite), being careful where you step because wet pine needles can be the end of a knee or hip.  Rain running means drips on my nose and eyelashes (sounds better when Julie Andrews sings it) and worrying about whether my phone in it’s waterproof case will really be fine when I finish my run.  Rain running makes me feel strong and brave and a little awesome actually!  Getting up at 5 am to do what someone else rolls over and pull the covers over their head to avoid is amazing.  Every time I finish my runs I feel better for it and I want to bottle that feeling and pass it out to everyone on the planet.  Rain running , running in any weather has its ups and downs and it is our job as runners to take it as it comes with patience, understanding, perseverance, motivation and responsibility.  Running breathed new life into me and I hope to continue it until I can no longer move.  Today was a nice run in the rain and just another day that helped me continue to appreciate the “Happy” that I have found.



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