2016 · Blessings · Family · motivation

Stepping Stones

stepping-stonesYesterday I had the best day.  I spent half a day with both my sons and my son’s college roommate.  We had lunch, saw The Magnificent 7 and then went out for probably the best pizza I’ve had in a while!  It was cooked in a stone oven and had crunchy crust, perfect cheese and was a mouthful of wonderful awesomeness!  Great way to top off a great night!  It was so good to see Johnny and hug him tight.  Skype is great but there’s nothing like hugging your kid.  I loved that my boys enjoyed each others company and when we went to the movies, Johnny wanted to sit in between James and I.  LOVE! It was great and it will be my fix till I see him again on Parents weekend this coming weekend and then again for Columbus Weekend.  Then it won’t be for a whopping 7 weeks…. I don’t know if I can live with that.  That’s a LONG time to go not seeing your kid.  Mom’s on a mission to find some stuff to do in RI!

It must have been a great day because I had a stellar run this morning and it was chilly out!  Not always great when you run for the first time in 32 degrees but I did just fine.  It may not have been the reason but I’ll just keep thinking it was!  Motivation in whatever form that it comes in is ok with me!



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