Random Thoughts

Today I Kicked Ass!

strong-coreEvery once in a while I feel like all the outstanding people I read about on Twitter who absolutely have these great runs.  Today was one of those days.  I had taken the last two days off.  One by choice and the second because I woosed out of running after rain.  I didn’t want to become a road hazard by avoiding puddles and the weather and my weather app said that at 6am there was a 100% chance of rain.  For a moment I thought about running at lunch but I dismissed that also due to possible rain and I was tied up last night with projects that kept me away from my beloved pavement.  Alas I just decided that perhaps after 13 straight days of one kind of workout or other that maybe my legs and my body should just have 2 full days off.  That was a good call because today as I headed out in roughly 36 degrees with my hat and lined wind breaker, headlight and thermal under armour I felt oddly awesome.  I don’t mean I felt good, I literally felt awesome.  I set out on a pace that felt like some slow motion commercial and expected to be winded only to  catch my pace after a mile or two.  I headed out with the intention of just putting in 3 miles and calling it a day but half a mile, mile, mile and a half all found me waiting for the tired to catch up with me as payback for taking two days off.  Didn’t happen.  Not at 2 or 2.5 or 3.  At 2 miles I decided that I wanted to see just how far “great” would take me considering that I haven’t put in more than 3 miles since Oct 15th and Sept 16th before that. I texted my husband so he wouldn’t think I had become road pizza and kept running.

I am not training for any races so distance isn’t critical at this point, just putting in a few miles as many days as I can with a couple of days of cross training is my plan at the moment.  So just how far could I go?  I won’t venture too far I thought just in case I get tired or my legs decide they were done.  I didn’t want to have to walk home all wet in nearly freezing temps.  I certainly wasn’t going to call anyone to pick me up so I had a choice.  I chose to push on over some hills and back.  That meant that if I kept feeling this good, I would manage to accomplish 5 miles.  Now I know 5 miles is not a lot to some, but for a pre-work 6am morning run in the cold for me, it’s awesome!  I have never felt that good out on a morning run in a really long time. Somehow I think it’s because of both rest days and my cross training that I’ve been diligent about.  I feel so much stronger having done work on my core.  I don’t go crazy but MAN! it makes a difference!  So long story longer I guess, I just kept running like Forrest Gump till 5 miles found me back at my house with a big fat ol’ smile on my face at having finished a boatload of awesome today.  If I didn’t have to work I would have kept going and pushing further but I have to earn a living and in fact, I do like where I work so 5 was all I could manage before having to kick my own ass into the shower and head off for what can only be a wonderful day.  Wonderful because I did well, wonderful because truthfully I can now eat way more food without breaking my calorie count for the day and now I can have a slice of pizza and I’m STILL not out of the plan.  I LOVE RUNNING!

So today is a success, I enjoyed the morning crisp air, I ran the highway hills with relative ease and I’m getting shit done.  BRING IT cuz today I’m taking names and kicking ass!  Tomorrow who knows but all I care about is that today is amazing.









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