Random Thoughts

Praying it forward

Aaaaaand then there are days like today when I think I want to cross train, consider running but woos out because it’s too cold out (whine whine).  Then I totally plan out and nearly consume by the way, my entire caloric intake for the day based on exercise I haven’t even done yet. HAVEN’T EVEN DONE YET! Yes I live for food and thankfully I can usually live up to my ‘pay it forward” attitude in terms of making “wimpy” wimpiepromises to exercise when I get home.  I’d better or it’ll be bad news for the balance I try to maintain.  It’s pretty scary how easily I blew off a run for a late day cross training session in my basement.  Maybe I wanted to do that more than run in 26 degrees or maybe BECAUSE it was 26 degrees I just settled for the easier of the two options. Either way, it’s all for the love of food.  So as I count and consume my way through my plan to “Pray it Forward” there’s always that agreement that I keep making with myself to do my due diligence in re-payment for my inability to control my willpower more on some days than others but no one is perfect I guess.  There are worse things in the world than bargaining with oneself for permission to have something that you don’t actually have to ask for but feel compelled to be bound by in order to feel better about oneself.  Yeah, there’s a therapy session in waiting.  Anyway….



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