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Today I envy everyone that has a running partner.  I was out for a simple 3 miles and just wished that I had someone to talk to to enjoy the run, leaves, perfect running temp, sunshine, everything.  I know I’m never actually alone when I’m alone because like it or not, the Lord is always with me.  I don’t give enough appreciation there and maybe I should have settled my thoughts to thanks instead of bitching about stuff that probably needs to be let go of and wishing I had running friends that lived nearby.  That’s a work in progress for another day.  Today was amazing out.  Beautiful and fresh and sunny.  If I wasn’t purposely taking it easy I would have kept running but there are two guaranteed days where I either don’t run and do weights, don’t do anything at all or do a simple 3 miles.  It’s called obeying the body and taking care of the temple.  It’s a tough runners lesson to get good at being faithful with but once you’re there it becomes part of your routine.

Today I wish I was running with someone and somewhere else.  Somewhere on a long windy farm lined road filled with hills and trees and fences.  A place where the leaves scatter across the street jumping out of your way as you traverse to your destination.  Today I envy a lady I know running the MCM 10K because I know the route will be beautiful and lined with service folks who dedicate their lives to make mine safe.  I thought to myself when I saw that she was travelling so far to run 6 miles how rediculous it seemed to travel so far to run so few miles but today I’m jealous of what she is doing and what she will accomplish.  I am more jealous of the experience on such a wonderful day meant for outside efforts.  A day where my windows will most likely be opened to let Fall in.  Despite the day I personally wouldn’t travel for anything less than a half marathon.  That half & full marathon series is on my bucket list.

So as I down my little bottle of chocolate goodness filled with old people vitamins I think about my appreciation for certain things.  Although there were many “I wish-es” in this blog I choose to end it with all the things I am grateful for.  I am grateful that I have the ability to strap on kicks and go whenever and wherever I want.  I am grateful for a wonderful running day.  I am grateful that I still have days where I have to take it easy.  I am grateful for the numbers 3 through 13.1 which are the miles I’ve ever run.  I am grateful for a Lord that realizes I’m probably the least perfect person on the planet but he lets me try anew every day.  I am grateful for health that allows me to run at will and for the ability to appreciate all the things along every path I walk.  Walk, run, jog, bike do something that makes you feel good and always remember along the path that you may be going to look around and appreciate all the wonders that are around you whether you are alone or in good company.  As cliche as it may seem remember that “Life IS short” so be happy because only you can make you happy!




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