Random Thoughts

Faith & Doing the Right Thing

morning-runningWhen I run, I do a lot of thinking.  Sometimes about myself and things I’m struggling with, sometimes about my children / family and things that are going on in their lives and sometimes about other people.  Today my run was about the latter.  I’ve learned in my life that the Lord delivers lessons to us and then tests us to be sure we have learned our lesson.  Sometimes people are struggling with something that you have been through and you have two choices.  You can either enable them or you can disable their attempt to include you in their struggle and downward spiral. Having come so far to this point, through so many struggles myself that led me down the path that I see others teetering on is not somewhere I want to get close to.  It’s a struggle that must be handled alone and you have to want to make it better.  You have to want to fix the things you are struggling with.  No one can do it for you.  Today I chose to disable because it’s the best thing, having been there, that I can do.  For me and for others.  It isn’t easy and perhaps isn’t understood but those are the lessons that usually have the greatest impact hindsight.  Today I ran knowing that I have done the right thing maybe mostly for me.  I knew with every step that it was a test that I had passed.  I’m not in charge and every day I live a better life knowing this and accepting it.  Faith has many forms and sometimes we have to have faith that by doing the right thing it is best not only for ourselves but for others.  Each step I took today felt right and that makes me joyful.  It’s been a long road but I’m ok and through my actions so too will others be ok.  If you are struggling, look to the Lord for strength and have faith that he will not let you fall.  Stand up for yourself and do the right thing for you.  Play your Fight Song and never ever give up on your Climb to peace and happiness.  You’ll get there!







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