Random Thoughts


disciplineDiscipline.  To be successful in what you do and achieve goals you must have discipline.  Every day you have to re-commit to it whole-heartedly in order to stay the course.  Every day I get up and do what I committed to the night before.  For me, fitness is my goal and I try to do something every day.  If I’m not running then I do Tabata workouts and now I’ve added in some boxing too.  I get in these crazes where I workout all the time and then I fall back into just running but I’m always doing something most weeks.  I feel happy and accomplished when I workout and super happy when I start to see my six pack looking like it might be making a comeback!  LOL

Sometimes discipline needs adjusting like today.  I adjusted the 4 I was going to do to 3 but still got the run in because I had the discipline to do so.  Tomorrow I will have discipline to do Tabata instead of a run and I will have the discipline to have discipline plain and simple.  I have learned to accept days when I have discipline but am unable to follow through due to circumstances.  I have learned to harness the good days when I feel great and can do more, and I do.  I have learned to accept the days when I make adjustments to my plan.  Those days I do what I can and feel good about it.  Acceptance is a big part of growth in life that I have had to make friends with in the last few years and I also have had to accept discipline on a daily basis as it rises and falls each moment.  It’s a battle of will that never ends and touches all that we do..eating, exercising, working, driving and living.  Everything takes discipline of one form or other and we must do our best to rise to it’s challenge every day.



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