2016 · Attitude · Cold Running · happiness · motivation

The Invincible Warrior Princess & Voting

princess2Today I did not woos out of cold weather.  I think when I looked it was something ridiculous like 30 or maybe even 28.  I don’t have the luxury of running at lunch today or didn’t think so.  I remembered after my warrior run that my son does not have school and can make dinner for us.  Well it’s a good thing I didn’t remember that because I would have missed out on an enjoyable, technically freezing cold run. I didn’t mind the cold. I wore my lined pants that are all fuzzy and soft inside that I love wearing until I put them on and remember I have to keep yanking them up. No worries I put on long socks today so my ankles were warm and I didn’t have to yank up my drawers.  LOL So out I went because I was determined to do so.  Socks on my hands (couldn’t find my gloves) only lasted a mile, a hat on my head so my ears stayed warm, double layer thermal shirts all in the name of getting it done, and I did.  I finished proud of myself for getting out there.  There is something incredibly empowering about running in the freezing cold.  It makes me feel like an invincible warrior more than any other type of run.  So what does the invincible warrior princess do after a great ice run?  She votes!  Yep I did my duty and exercised my right to choose by voting.  I hope you do too and I hope you get a run in today.








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