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Being Flexible

at-firstMost days I have a plan for some kind of a workout.  Today I had decided on a lunch run affectionately known as Runch and had posted my intention on my FB page.  That was the plan and honestly I once again wasn’t jumping up and down to head out into 36 degrees if I had a choice.  I love running in the morning and in the colder air but lately if I can do a Runch I’m all in for that.  As long as I get some fitness in with a majority of those days running, I’m good and also flexible should I need to switch things up.  It’s a good thing I’m flexible because my morning transformed quickly from my plan A to an instantly configured plan B.  My husband asked me to help him with something this afternoon which now meant leaving work early and no real lunch / Runch opportunity.  Clock on the stove said “you have 5 minutes to get ready to fit in a 30 minute run”.  There was my opportunity to make a change or call it a rest day.  Hell NO! Not a rest day for me, not today.   I was already in my room donning thermal running gear, lacing up my kicks and waving goodbye to the fam within those 5 minutes.  Out the door I went and it was a pretty decent run I think.  I got my 3 cold morning miles in and felt accomplished and pretty good about having to punt.  Some days that’s just the way it is. As runners we need to be flexible many times to make it work and get it done otherwise we are just spectators.



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