2016 · Random Thoughts

Some Days

bug-windshieldSome mornings nothing seems to go right.  Today is working itself up to be one of those days.  First I got up late….like a half hour late.  I can’t be late because  I make breakfast for my husband and son before my run can commence.   A half hour isn’t conducive to being on time for work but neither is sitting here writing this blog at 7:03.  I’ll have to make it brief.  So I woke up late and made breakfast sort of dreading going for a run due to the time.  Now I’m looking for my watch which I can’t find.  Lordee this seems like an omen for not going out for a run.  Found the watch, slap it on and head out. Not my best run but done just the same and I kept it under 10 minute miles for the most part.  Mile two was slow but improved my mood a bit.  Mile 3 was the fastest as it always is around 9:30 which is a good place to end.  I didn’t really have a lot of energy.  Today I’m tired which is probably why it’s kind of a funky morning.  First I put my oatmeal in my coffee mug with my splenda…great!  Take that out, put it in another cup, fix coffee cup and eat.  Note to self, do NOT play with knives today under any circumstance!  LOL  Some days just might not be great and they may not go your way fully and that’s ok.  I did get out for a run so even if nothing else goes right, I did manage something good today.  It’s just the way it goes sometimes.  Tomorrow is a new day!



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