Random Thoughts

What’s Your Recipe Today?

recipe3.54 was my number today.  Little different route, some motivation a nice cool morning and some happy tunes all were part of going a little bit further than normal.  Sometimes it’s a recipe that has to all be right and in sync to be a success.  That and a good attitude I guess but most days that is a given because I am a positive person and happy as many days that I can.  Some days running is a recipe that requires coordination of all of your moving parts because lets face it, not all days find everything working in sync especially as we get older.  I have been lucky thus far to have the ability and willing body to do almost anything I have asked of it.  Other days it’s a recipe of time.  We are busier than ever so time is not a luxury that comes easily every day.  We’re working and doing work after work and juggling family activities and responsibilities and many things.  Finding time to take care of ourselves is something that must remain at the top of the list of important things which sometimes must push other things aside.  My sacrifice to be able to have time to run is sleep.  I run AFTER breakfast and lunch are made.  I make lunches the night before so all that needs doing is breakfast.  Dinner is done at 10pm when we get home from working on the theater sets so that 6am belongs to me and my running shoes.  I don’t have to do these things AT those times but I choose to because running is vital to my happiness and well being.  I’m willing to give up an hour of bedtime to gain an available hour in the morning.  I am WILLING to do so which really is the key to getting it done. Something that the younger generation either does not get or does not want to do or both.  Every day you make something and events, actions and sacrifices make up what you get at the end of the day.

What is your recipe today?



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