Random Thoughts

Knowing What You Can Manage & Making It Work For You

I always know when I’m burning the candle too much at both ends.  These are the days when I oversleep, feel like ass, and pretty much have to convince myself to move.  The days are beginning to get and feel really long.  Up at 5 (when I get up on time) ready the family for their day, run, ready myself, work all day, come home, eat then head to Raynwater until 10.  Come home, make lunches and possibly dinner for the following day then pour myself into bed and sleep around 11 or so.  There was a day when this was nothing and I could do it for what seemed like an unending number of days.  Now I feel it when I go full out for days.  Weekends are no siesta because we have sports and more theater stuff to ready for the show.  It keeps us busy for sure and I just keep going because sitting still, doing nothing with no one to take care of and no pending project is on my list of dreaded items.  Maybe my attitude will change when I’m 60, 70 or at the age of entitlement where I eat cookies in bed, open the windows when the heat is on, call my kids at ungodly hours just to ask them a stupid question.  But I’m not there yet thankfully.

doing-what-worksToday is one of those tired days.  waking up late for me means no Tabata workout because I don’t have enough time.  No run because I made this an off day for running and I don’t really want to break the diligent cycle I’m in of not running on off days. I thought about running at lunch but I helped my friend with an errand so it became an off day.  I did manage to put down my 100 pushups for the pushup challenge I’m doing with my youngest son.  I’m doing it to help him get in shape for his role as King Triton and I try to make it fun and a bit competitive so he doesn’t blow it off.  He’s fine….I’m so tired.  Every pushup feels like I’m supporting more and more weight through the struggle up and down and up and down.  Oh the struggle is real but I’m not quitting and I know it will get easier as time goes on but right now I’m feeling it.  We do what we can as often as we can do it and as long as we accept our limitations and don’t burden ourselves with trying to “keep up with the greats such as @JWLevitt or @KellyKKRoberts we’re good.  THOSE two are amazing to me but I’d die if I tried to do what they do. OK, I’d die if I tried to do what they do RIGHT NOW.  Training is an amazing thing that can transform even the wimpiest person on the planet but right now I’m not training so I’ll just admire from whence they came and keep them in my inspiration bucket.

So I managed my push ups and some trunk twists.  Maybe I’ll get some other core stuff in in-between hot gluing coral on flats and painting painting painting.  That’s all I can manage today and that’s ok.  On a fun side note I did ID someone crazier than I who is local to me who would be willing to kick my ass through a marathon of my choice.  It makes that bucket list item seem not only real but doable because I’d have someone to do it with who has done not only a marathon but a triathlon and an iron man. This woman totally blows me away with what she can do and she has more energy than I do (except for today).  God puts people in your path for a reason and having learned how to be aware of signs I feel like he has given her to me so I can put a big fat check on my bucket list marathon item.  I can take a hint.



















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