Random Thoughts

A Good Chuckle!

long-runYesterday I forgot my running watch so I had to improvise to keep my time.  I chose the Map My Run app and off I went.  It spoke my time to me as I ran but I noticed it marked my miles earlier than my watch does.  Earlier than the mile markers I have mapped using the same online mapping tool.  I knew it wasn’t accurate but it was all I had so I pressed on giggling to myself when it lied to me at the mile markers.  Now, it was 36 degrees when I went out for my noon Runch so it was cold and I was layered.  If you are a runner, you know layers slow your speed and movement.  I usually run around 9:30 on average these days.  Given the conditions I know it probably was somewhere around that mark give or take.
I looked at the splits and after I finished laughing at the clear lie I was staring at I just blew it off to a poor satellite connection.  I have never in my life EVER ran a 7:36 mile even when my friend was sick with Cancer and I ran mad.  That day I ran 8:18 fueled by pure adrenaline and rage.  nov-21-splits-hahaI’m Ukranian so we don’t typically go fast, we have plenty of butt to go around which can be hard to tote some days.  We are not made for speed so even without my watch I knew I did not run what Map My Run claims.  I laugh because I find it hilarious.  I don’t really care about time as much as I care that I can get out there and run because that is what matters.  Today two of my miles were above 10 minutes and that too is ok.  I still got out there and I’m still working to keep healthy and live longer.  I hope everyone can just truly enjoy running for what it is and what it provides to each of us individually.



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