Random Thoughts

Wanting To

i-may-notLast night I knew I wanted to run this morning.  I usually plan on it, embrace it and look forward to it but last night I wanted to be out there in the cold.  You can usually bet and win that on 50% of most days under 30 I’ll work my schedule to NOT have to run in the frigid cold.  I can do it and I have but the WANT to is usually missing when it gets to the double digits that start with 2.  Last night however, I knew I wanted to be out in the cold.  It was almost like a sugar craving that needed satisfying.  This morning as I hopped out of bed feeling pretty good I checked the temperature.  It showed 28 degrees and somewhere deep down inside I smiled because it was exactly what I wanted.  I fixed breakfasts and iced coffees, donned a thermal head cover, hat, gloves, leggings, pants and a couple of warm tops.  Set my watch, grabbed my butterfly light and out the door I went.  It was cold but I was ready for it.  I happily set out feeling really light and bouncy like a bird.  Maybe taking the day off yesterday gave me a rest I needed.  I’m not sure but I felt awesome inside and out.  My splits were respectable, the last mile came in at 9:20 which isn’t average for a cold day like today but I’ll take it.  I finished and felt accomplished and somewhat invincible like Superman.  I always feel like that when I run in the cold because not everyone does.  It’s like a badge of honor to tell people that “yeah, I ran in 28 degrees today” LOL!  Between that, my pushups every day and lack of snacking all day, the scale is also rewarding me.  So today is a great day.  I hope you have a great day too!



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