Random Thoughts

Time & Persistence

persistenceWhy is it when you are out on a run and you knowingly decide you’re just going to “trot” out your miles that when you get back you make a frownie face when you look at your splits?  It’s like it doesn’t matter till your Garmin syncs and then you can’t take it back.  But would you anyway?  I think not.   I should take my own advice to the world and remember that a 3 mile run at a 10 minute pace, or breathing pace as I call it, is the same as a 3 mile run at a 9 minute pace.  I’m on a fitness roll getting my Tabata workouts in faithfully and running all other days of the week.  I’ve cut sugar out of my coffee and halted the all day snacking (albeit good snacks), stuck to most days in my 100 push up challenge and so far the scale is responding.  I’m down 10 lbs and have 13 more to go and then I’ll be at my goal weight!   It’s starting to work and it’s taken work but nothing too challenging, just time and persistence.  Those two things are things that many don’t have a lot of.  They want results in a few days and get so frustrated when they don’t achieve instant gratification.  You find a way or you find an excuse period.  Don’t give up! Stick with it and be faithful to the process and results will most certainly find you.


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