Random Thoughts

My Favorite Part of The Day

foodWhat is my favorite part of the day?  It’s not the end of my day.  It’s not lunch time (although I do look forward to lunch quite a bit!  My favorite part of the day is by far after my workout logging into My Fitness Pal and finding out just how many calories I can eat for the day!  Yep I live to eat and run to earn the right to eat pretty much what I want within limits.  I don’t need this tool, however, I just love looking at what I’ve earned after a morning workout.  Sometimes if I’m working out at night I log more exercise than what I was intending on completing because I either want to eat more or I’ve eaten something I have to pay for or PAY FOR in weight flux.  Food is my absolute downfall and I love it and hate it so much at the same time.  I am learning how to ignore what a meal ought to be.  For example I wanted a Greek salad today but I don’t want to go out and get it.  I could order it but that means paying for it which I don’t really want to do today.  I have boiled chicken, hard boiled eggs and wax beans which on any day doesn’t really seem like a good meal… but it is and once I got my mind off the Greek Salad I was able to accept that I would be full after my a-la-carte lunch.  Food is food and in my opinion it doesn’t always have to come with complimentary colors, sauces and garnishes.  Food, like any other bad habit, just take a good strong mindset to get under control.  Besides, not having a salad for lunch frees up calories to have a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting without guilt!

PS: It was decadent!



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