Random Thoughts

The Christmas Tree Needle

Christmas tree branch
Christmas tree branch

So I have been home sick for two days.  Now I haven’t sat around all 48 hours but pretty much a large majority of it I have spent watching movies I have never seen before.  It made it feel like a productive waste of time laying around doing nothing but coughing and sniffling and basically feeling like poo.  So as I’m sitting here not running or exercising or anything productive at all I looked at my undecorated Christmas tree that is waiting for my son to come home from college to decorate, something occurred to me.  Our tree has all the dead needles under it.  Every day more needles fall but the tree is still beautiful and has all the bright and colorful lights that attract our eyes to the top.  If you think about it the tree is like our lives.  The beauty of every day is in what our eyes can easily see.  Each needle is a day in our lives.  If we water the tree like nourishing happy lives with joy and kindness and giving it lives longer.  If we don’t water it, just as if we are thoughtless, careless and non loving it will die and the needles all fall away from the beauty until there is nothing but a dead tree.  We don’t see each needle under the tree fall but soon there are many, hundreds and we sweep them all away to the trash.  The needles represent moments / memories from our own lives.  As we live them they are on a branch.  When the day, moment or event is over it falls to the floor.  Do we take time to appreciate each moment before it falls while it is still beautiful or do we just see a pile on the floor like pictures from so long ago that we wish we could get back?  Do we sweep them up and take it for granted not giving it a single other thought?  Shouldn’t we appreciate every needle while it’s still on the tree?  We were given this life for a reason and we need to figure out what our purpose is here on earth.  Everyone’s journey and mission is different and we stay until the journey is done.  Do you know what yours is?  Do you care?  Don’t you want to?  What are you doing with the gift of every day?



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