Random Thoughts

Things We Do When We Decide We Are A Runner

get-seriousRunners are tough cookies!  They are dedicated, accept rest days as necessary, take care of their temples and will persevere through a run no matter what.  When we reach our individual rock bottoms and decide we are serious, we get tough with ourselves and make things happen for ourselves.  Up until today I’ve done the first 3 items on this list of runners mantra’s.  Today I have embraced the fourth.  I’ve run in the rain both when it started after I was running and also when it began before I went out.  I’ve run with blisters and chafing in unmentionable places.  I’ve travelled to get a run in too but until my lunch hour today I had only run without socks which is no big deal and very little pain.  Today when I opened my running bag I realized that I forgot my exercise top.  Yep, there it wasn’t so I had a choice to make.  Either I didn’t go at lunch risking the chance that I’d let myself get busy….OR I suck it up and run without it.  I thought about it for a moment or two and weighed the consequences.  It’s possible that I could end up dealing with pain for a few days which is about a 50 / 50 chance.  Worse I could have to suffer chafing and bleeding but I wasn’t going far enough I didn’t think to have to worry about that. I thought that despite the downfall of being sort less than abundant in that area, I might just get away unscathed if I braved it and went for a run without a bra top.  I’m brave and fairly confident so away I went hoping that it wouldn’t be something that turned out to be an event that qualified as distracting to drivers.  I work in the insurance industry and distracted driving is a very real thing.  Turns out that it worked out just fine.  No chafing, bleeding, soreness or crashes along the way!  Well as long as I maintain my current weight give or take a few I’m happy to now know that if it happens again….in the WINTER that is when I’m bundled up and layered with a loose fitting lined jacked and two under armor tops, that I can confidently head out according to my plan.  The things we do to run are sometimes stories that are only fun to tell after they become memories.  This one however won’t be like that but could have.  Thank GOD for small boobs!



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