Random Thoughts

Doing What It Takes To Help

determinationSometimes we have to get a little radical and do things we don’t normally do to prove a point.  I’m not into posting progress pictures of myself because it’s just me who ever needs motivation and I can pretty much motivate myself for the most part.  Lately there is one person who is walking in the shoes I walked in what seems like a decade ago.  This person is struggling with weight and back pain and isn’t eating well.  They have put on weight and are cycling down. I’ve been there.  I know that road and it’s a bad place to be. I feel like I can help by example.  Showing them that if I can do it they can too.  Today I posted a progress picture of my core that I’ve been working on a little at a time, twice a week with strength training since September.  I thought about it for a minute or two because it made me slightly uncomfortable at the thought of posting it.  I didn’t want anyone to think that  I was self centered or boasting because that isn’t what it is about.  It’s about reaching out and helping someone in need.  It’s about being the light in a dark place and although I cannot fix it, I can do my best to be the constant warm hug to someone struggling.  I can do that and I won’t let her give up or quit!  Know that when you need strength turn to the Lord and don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.  Help will come and sometimes it’s from a place that you expect, sometimes it’s not.  No matter where it comes from, even if it’s from within take it and make a promise to pay it forward when you see someone else around you going through the same thing.  Don’t quit.  Don’t give up hope.  Don’t go it alone because you’re not alone.

Be someone’s beacon if you can because sometimes they cannot help themselves and don’t know how to ask for help themselves.



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