Random Thoughts

Improvements Not Resolutions

new-year-new-meThe New Year is nearly here and my thoughts jump not to whether or not I will make a personal resolution but more to how I’m going to schedule in the one I want to accomplish. I prefer to call it improvements vs resolutions because I’m already doing what it takes to better myself.  I just need to improve upon that instead of changing it.  I have a few similarly related resolutions.   First is to get fitter than I am.  I am in relatively good shape for a 47 year old woman.  I run regularly and this Fall I successfully incorporated a strengthening workout into the routine twice a week most weeks.  Tabata is my new best friend and I’ve been religious about giving up a run day to get a stronger core, leaner arms and be able to do more than 5 pushups at a time.  It was hard giving up running days for that because I’d rather run than anything else in the world.  Rain, shine, snow, darkness whatever!  To me it doesn’t matter the weather, I want to run but running doesn’t make me stronger all round.  I have to use weights to maintain a fitness level as I age.  I have to period.  So I sucked it up and got it done and now it’s part of my world.  That will get harder as my half marathon training for April gets started because then running days are a priority and there will be more double days to fit it all in.

For Christmas I got a stationary bike. OMG was I thrilled and overwhelmed that my family would give me such a wonderful gift that I really wanted but couldn’t afford.  Hence my gym membership was kept open to attend spin classes that I rarely go to.  $40 a month is like giving money to strangers at this point but “Just in case” I left it active.  Today I cancelled it because there is no need unless I somehow try to fit lap swimming in again but that’s not really in the plan at this time.  We’ll take that on if it comes up again.  So herein lies my problem.  I need to work my fitness schedule again to incorporate spinning twice a week or so.  That means definitely doubling up on two days because I refuse to cut running again and Tabata only happens twice a week so that’s not happening.  My new year goals are:

  • increase fitness level a notch
  • add spinning to routine
  • be able to wear a bikini this summer without shame
  • find my six pack
  • eat better
  • run two half marathons
  • run two races longer than a 5K
  • run two 5Ks

I think I’ve identified all the races I want to run minus being exactly sure on one of the halfs. That’s ok however because I feel super motivated to kick my own ass and use my new toy to help me get to where I want to be.  Summer is a long way away right now and I have all the time in the world to achieve anything I want.




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