Random Thoughts

A Great Beginning

doing-things-differentlySo we are now just about a week into the new year and I have signed up for a year long challenge which I am doing ok at. I’ve never done this before and I’m about to pass my weekly running goal by a couple of miles but am shy miles in my effort to try and achieve as close to 2,017 miles as possible.  Technically I only need to do 504 miles and change for this challenge because I’m part of a quartet splitting the miles.  Last year I did 659 miles so 500 is easily achievable however, I want to blow this year out of the water by at least several hundred miles without injury or sheer exhaustion.  I guess I’m less “obsessed”  than I thought I’d be probably because they sent me my medal already… I’m not one of those runners.  I want to earn it before I get it so I just gave that puppy to my husband and told him to keep it until December or until I’ve actually earned the whole enchilada of 2,017.  I’m not really expecting to hit that but one never knows and I will do my best to try to get there on my own.

I have, thus far succeeded in impregnating my fitness schedule with rounds  on the new stationary bike I got for Christmas.  I have been able to get 2-3 thirty minute sessions in during the week since I received it without fail which I’ve never done before.  I am usually doubling up on my workout to do this where I either run in the morning and ride after dinner or do a Tabata workout followed by a bike session at night because there’s more time after work than before.  I haven’t tripled yet but I can see a few of those coming when the weather is nice because I find it hard to skip running when the weather cooperates.

Another thing I’ve done that I am proud of myself for is I have started taking monthly progress pictures of my body shape which I’ve never done before. I am finding it helpful on days where I feel like nothing is improving to look back and see that reshaping your body takes time and doesn’t just show up all at one time.  Patience.  Many times since I started my fitness journey I have wished I could go back to see where I started from.  I’m not going to wish that any longer!  The thing I like most about taking progress pictures is that it motivates me to step up my workouts in certain ways depending on where I think I need more work based on my latest set of progress pics.  Those are my favorite fitness tools actually.

My goals for this year, which I’ve never really set in stone before are to hit 150 lbs again which is only 12 lbs away at the moment. I know muscle is heavy so if I look good at 155 I’ll take that.  Another goal is to complete this “run the year’ challenge, eat healthier, go to bed most days with calories left on the table, run 2 half marathons, 2 5K’s and 2 races between 7-10 miles.  I also want to wear a bikini and rock it this summer for a 48 year old which is probably self centered and petty but whatever!  Everyone has their own motivation and looking and feeling good as I approach 48 is front and center for me.  I am looking forward to see how this year lays itself out and seeing what I can accomplish.  This year feels very different to me. It feels good and happy and positive which I haven’t felt in a really long time.  It’s good to be here.



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