Random Thoughts

Stop Saying I Can’t!

cantI can’t stand hearing I can’t from someone who clearly can but just doesn’t want to.  If I can’t it’s because I either can’t RIGHT NOW or because I literally cannot do something which to be honest doesn’t happen much in the things I tackle.  I would rather hear “I don’t want to” than hear I can’t.  There just is no excuse for those two words unless you really can’t.  If you are physically unable to do something ok.  I get it.  Not everyone in the world can do everything.  I for example can’t lift 750 lbs of dead weight but if I wanted to, I could train to…I just don’t want to.  I also don’t want to run a marathon right now, but someday I will before my running days are over.

If you can’t do something in particular, modify it to something you can do.  For example, if you can’t run because you are injured, walk.  Clearly I see you walking so why not do a little extra and try to be in better shape from the one you are complaining about.  If you can’t lift weights, don’t lift heavy weights or overexert yourself but do something.  If you don’t have time to sit down and eat right every day, take the time you spend on the couch watching stupid reality TV shows and make meals for the week.  If you can’t sew, learn how.  If you can’t change your oil, FINE it’s not for everyone to do themselves but don’t say you can’t….you just don’t know how or you don’t want to.  Can’t is a phrase that says NOT ABLE TO and I have never subscribed to not being able to do anything.  Where there’s a will there’s a way so get up and make great things happen for yourself today!



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