Random Thoughts

Nope! I Don’t Have Any Of That Lately!

no-willpowerThis week doesn’t seem like it should count toward overall fitness if you ask me because although I have worked out faithfully, I just can’t find my willpower!  First off I’ve eaten more ice cream this week than I probably eat in a month justified of course by extra workouts and calories left on the table for the day.  I guess that’s good but really I can’t find my willpower in terms of ice cream right now!  I’m promising workouts or more workouts in a day just to get that cold creamy deliciousness all to myself!  THAT needs to stop and quick or Fat Brenna will be spoon feeding it to me again.

I’ve also gotten substitute lazy this week meaning I’m super quick to blow off a run because it’s cold and rainy outside but therein promise to workout at home.  I know that counts and you might say so what but I say I’m woosing out of what I promised I would do for something else.  That is the linear in me that has trouble switching gears at the drop of a hat.  It’s not a big deal but it needs to be one of those things that just happens once in a while.  Now I’m tossing around a DM run for an hour maybe followed by some abs just to make up for lying to myself!

I should just be happy I’m still working out every day and give myself a break on the ice cream thing because many days in a week I am super faithful to not eating junk and taking in more than my fair share of protein and salad daily.  I think I should just blame it all on my son for going back to college because that sounds reasonable!  LOL  ok I’m done bitching about not having willpower now.  Thanks for listening!



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